Cocktail Mixing Glass Bar Set

Taylor'd Milestones Glassware Inc.

EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN ONE DELUXE BARTENDING KIT! Includes all stainless steel bar tools needed for pro mixologists. 12” Bar Spoon, 1 ounce / .5 ounce Double Jigger & handled strainer for easy straining. Mix, serve and sip any cocktail recipe that you desire. IT'S EASY WHEN YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TOOLS!

WE PROMISE SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE! Made in the USA. You will be amazed at the quality of craftsmanship & the stability of the 33 oz (975 ml) seamless bar mixing glass. 7.5" tall & 3.5" opening with a pouring spout. Now you can mix 2 or more servings at once!

BRAND NEW SIZE! Our larger volume mixing glasses will save you time and are great for making a double or triple batch that you can share with friends. This means you will have more time to enjoy your cocktail and will spend less time being the bartender!

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