The  Scotch Glass I am interested in is listed as having 10 oz capacity, will it have room for 10 oz of liquid and ice?

No, you will not have room for 10 oz of liquid and ice.  Let me explain why...

A drink glass capacity is calculated at "rim full", which is the amount of liquid it holds when filled entirely to the top (rim), almost spilling over.  It is measured with an accurate measuring device and NOT with a shot glass.  Shot glasses are typically 1.25 oz and will not give an accurate measurement.


Can I wash my new whiskey glasses from Taylor'd Milestones in the dishwasher?

Absolutely, all of Taylor'd Milestones Glassware is very durable & meets hotel and service industry standards. However, hand washing is a smart choice if you are seeking long lasting clarity and sparkle from your glasses. 


I received my new beer glasses in the mail, and when I opened them one of the beer glasses must have broken during delivery.  Can I get a new glass? 

We understand that shipping glasses will occasionally result in breakage.  In order to have replacement glasses sent to you, we kindly ask that you send a picture of your broken glassware to taylor@taylordmilestones.com. We will contact you back within 24H and have new glasses shipped as soon as possible.